Stone Repairs Edinburgh – Why And When Are They Necessary?

Stone repairs Edinburgh wide are carried out on a wide range of properties, from domestic dwellings, to commercial premises and public buildings. Such repairs are necessary for many reasons. Most common among these is where the stone that composes a building has become weakened, either through age and weathering, or because of damage from accidents. The mortar that holds the stones together can also be impaired, eroded by wind, rain and frost, or simply decaying over time. Just one stone loosened in the fabric of a building can become a hazard to pedestrians in the vicinity. Without prompt repair or stone restoration Edinburgh wide, damage can spread, resulting ultimately in buildings being lost forever.

When Assistance From Stonemasons East Lothian May Be Needed

Even if not presenting a danger to the public or to the structural integrity of buildings, very often stone repairs Edinburgh wide are necessary to preserve aesthetic appeal. Edinburgh has a vast number of historic buildings that give the city its characteristic appeal. Left untreated, natural wear and tear, or damage from environmental factors, can greatly detract from a structure’s visual appearance. There are also responsibilities that come with owning a heritage building. This is not limited to appropriate building regulations, conservation requirements, or even best practice recommendations. There is also a moral duty on owners or trustees of such buildings, to preserve them as historic assets for the enjoyment of future generations. On a smaller scale, but still important, homeowners looking to sell their properties find that general dilapidation of stonework, including failing to undertake chimney repairs Edinburgh wide, can seriously reduce the value of their property.

Replacement, Repair Or Stone Restoration Edinburgh? Which Is Appropriate?

Repair, replacement or stone restoration Edinburgh wide becomes necessary if stones become damaged for any of the reasons noted above. Budget considerations and conservation of as much of the original building as possible play a part in deciding which route to take. Generally, replacement of individual defective stone blocks is the preferred option. If removal of damaged blocks would negatively affect the structural integrity of the property in question, a technique known as stone indenting or ‘piecing in’ can be employed. This involves cutting out defective sections of individual stones and replacing them with alternative pieces that exactly match their size and shape. The new stone is anchored to the old with metal dowels. It is important that any new stone is as true to the original as possible in terms of its geological structure. This is because using incompatible replacement stones during repairs may cause adjacent masonry to degrade at a faster rate than it otherwise would have done. Lithomex stone repair Edinburgh wide may also be used as an alternative where appropriate.

For Trusted Stone Repairs Edinburgh Wide, Contact J D Smith Stonemasons Ltd

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